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"P4P changed the relationship I had with my business, employees, and bank account... but it took me 5 years of unprofitability and a life-threatening accident to realize I needed it." - Mike Andes
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Is this a legal way to pay my team?
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Yes. We use base pay to ensure each employee makes a bare minimum regardless of their efficiency. This can be used as a hiring tactic to attract good talent but at a bare minimum base pay can reflect the minimum wage in your state.

How do I ensure quality?
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Using the yellow slip system in conjunction with P4P prevents your crew from rushing through each job. When there is a complaint a yellow slip is issued to that employee, they need to then resolve the problem. This time is added to their total time on the job effectively reducing their potential to earn performance dollars. This builds accountability in your team and ensures the balance between quality and efficacy.

What if something breaks because the team is rushing?
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Damage cases happen, regardless of pay structure. However, now you have a tool to address this. Performance pay can be deducted from an employee's paycheck to cover damage cases. At our organization, we only take performance pay from one pay period to ensure our employees don't lose motivation with a penalty affecting multiple pay periods.

Can I run payroll with P4P Software?
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P4P Software is not a payroll software. At the end of each pay period, you can export a report that will give you the payroll breakdown for your team. You can then take those numbers and easily run payroll in QuickBooks, Gusto, or any other payment processor.

Does this work with Copilot?
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P4P Software has a one-way integration with the Copilot CRM. This means you can bring over customer data and employee time clocks into P4P Software. This integration will significantly increase the efficacy of your admin work and reduce confusion for your team.

Can I use P4P without the software?
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Yes. Pay for performance is an idea where you pay your hardest workers more for their work. Tracking budgeted hours and labor revenue is the best way to achieve this, however, it quickly becomes a difficult task taking up more and more of your time. P4P Software makes this process significantly easier and provides your team with performance metrics to build their trust in the system and motivate them throughout the day.

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